Meet the Locals

Meet The Locals: Voice Over Artist, Andrew Arnold (AKA Andrew Peters)

Andrew goes by his real surname, ‘Arnold’ in his life in Anglesea as a father, footy-club volunteer and Vespa rider.

Professionally, he’s known as Andrew Peters, a voice over artist whose tones have graced our televisions and radio for decades.

I recently had a chat with Andrew Arnold about his love of the Surf Coast, including how he manages to project his voice across the world from his Point Roadknight home-based sound studio.

Thanks for chatting to me, Andrew. You’ve lived and worked in many places. How did you come to be living in Point Roadknight?

After growing up in the UK, I moved to Australia with my family just after finishing school. I’ve since lived in Adelaide, Swan Hill, Wyalla, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

Eight years ago, my wife and I bought our home here. It was originally owned by her grandparents, who moved here in the mid-1960s after spending most of their summers here since the 1930s. We initially thought we’d have it as a holiday home but then realised we wanted to live here.

My wife had been holidaying here since she was around three years old. Her parents, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunties used to pack the house out. I don’t know how they all fitted! We holidayed in the house as a couple and even had our honeymoon here.

Fill me in on your career as Andrew Peters, voiceover artist?

When I first started in radio, I was told I needed to change my name. So, locals know me as Andrew Arnold but everyone in the industry knows me as Andrew Peters. It was initially helpful, as it was like a reinvention, but it’s a bit of a hassle now.

I’ve been working in the industry since my first gig as a music radio DJ in Swan Hill when I was 20. When I look back, I realise I’ve done a lot in that time! I’ve worked on air in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and the odd appearance in Melbourne at Triple M and Vega. In fact, I was one of the founding members of Austero, now Southern Cross Austereo, the biggest network in Australia.

My first television presenting gig was Rock Arena in the 1980s. I then jumped to commercial TV and presented Trax and Simulrock for Channel 10. Simulrock was groundbreaking at the time – you watched the pictures on your TV and played the sound through your stereo.

I also toured with INXS and worked for MTV New York and was one of the presenters for the Live Aid broadcast. The 1980s were an absolute hoot!

By the end of the ‘90s, I’d had my fill of radio so moved to Melbourne to start a new chapter as a fulltime voice actor.

My new agent assumed I’d done acting so asked me to audition for a TV show, Stingers. I thought: “Why not?” and got the job, finding myself in make-up next to Peter Phelps! I went on to do a whole bunch of ‘guesties’ on shows like Secret Life of Us, Neighbours and Blue Heelers.

I now focus purely on voice over work. I was the voice of L’Oréal for 13 years and I’ve voiced trailers for movies like The Avengers. A lot of my work is now for overseas clients, including a TV network in Singapore and a radio station in Dubai. I have agents in Sydney and New York.

Thinking of selling?
Just researching the market?

You do all this from a studio at home?

In the early 2000s, I set up a little studio at home. This was seen as unusual in Australia but was quite normal in the US, as I found out later when travelling back-and-forth for work. So, by the time I moved to Anglesea, I was already doing a lot of my work from home, making the decision to move much easier.

COVID lockdowns mean studios in Melbourne are a no-go zone, so I’ve been helping other talent who live in the area do sessions. For example, Brian Taylor, the AFL commentator, came in to do voiceover for a Coles campaign. And, if you hear a TV ad for SEEK or Job Trainer, that was likely recorded at my place.

The studio is set up in what was the garage. When I’m in the booth itself, I could be anywhere. But, when I’m editing, I have a lovely view over our garden.

Does your family share your love of the Surf Coast?

This was a great move for the kids. They were both primary school age then. They say they’re never going to leave Anglesea. The jury is out on that but it shows how much they love living here.

My wife started with commuting to Melbourne, which was pretty tough. But for the last few years, she’s worked in Geelong.

Are you involved in any community activities?

When the kids were at primary school, I was involved in much more, like fundraisers and the village fair.

More recently, I’ve been doing all sorts of things at the footy club. My son plays and, even though I grew up in London and have never played footy, I enjoy it vicariously through him. Last season, another mum and I had a series of events planned but then Covid hit, so we’ll have to wait until next season now.

The ocean is something I enjoy looking at and occasionally jumping into but I’m not a swimmer or surfer. I leave that to others! I’ve recently bought a Vespa for buzzing around town but, being an obsessive character, I immediately joined the Vespa Club and met a bunch of old dudes like myself and, when we can, we all head down the Great Ocean Road. Like a biker gang but more sophisticated!

Thank you for sharing your story, Andrew. I love knowing that your voice is heard all around the world thanks to your recording studio in your Point Roadknight home.

To hear Andrew’s voice work and see some of his acting clips, visit his website at