Meet the Locals

Meet The Locals: Another Reason To Love The Anglesea Lions & Lionesses

The Surf Coast is known for having tight-knit communities that always look out for each other.

The Anglesea Lions and Lionesses Clubs play a huge role in fundraising and putting on events that benefit the Anglesea community.

The Lions motto “We Serve” is followed by the 1,200 Lions Clubs across Australia and the Anglesea Lions really take this credo to heart. I caught up with Trevor Taylor to find out how, despite the pandemic, they’re still making a big difference to the Anglesea community.

Hello Trevor! Can you tell us how you got involved with the Anglesea Lions Club and about your tenure as President?

My wife and I moved to Anglesea seven years ago and a year after that I joined the Anglesea Lions Club. Anglesea is a close community and there is a lot of crossover between people who are members of the Lions, the Men’s Shed and the Anglesea Bowls Club. It’s good fun and a wonderful group of people. It’s now my third year as President. I chair the meetings and also work closely with our secretary and treasurer on the administration side of the club.

 I’ve even seen you giving a few speeches around town!

You could say I’m something of a frontman! When we do our Australia Day BBQ or our Christmas Carol event, I’ll give a little speech.

Can you share a little of the history of the Anglesea Lions Club?

In 2018, we celebrated fifty years of the local club. The Lionesses Club just celebrated their 40th year. There are two separate clubs because in the old days women couldn’t become members of The Lions Club. While many clubs have been now amalgamated, we remain two separate clubs.

How many members do you have?

The Anglesea Lions Club has 18 members while the Anglesea Lioness Club has 20 members. We could always use some new members though! There are a few members, myself included, who aren’t getting any younger! It would be good to get some new blood.

Thinking of selling?
Just researching the market?

What kind of things do you do for the community?

In conjunction with Community Bank, we raised $14,000 and purchased an ultrasound machine for the Surfcoast Medical Centre in Anglesea, so now Anglesea residents don’t have to travel to Geelong. We’ve also purchased four defibrillators that have been placed around Anglesea.

How have the COVID-19 lockdowns affected your fundraising efforts?

Prior to the pandemic, our raffles generated around $15,000 to $16,000 each year. We’d run Friday night meat raffles at the Anglesea Hotel, who are always incredibly supportive and generous towards our fundraising efforts. In the summer months when the pub is running hot, we organise a seafood raffle. One of our members is a fisherman and he’ll donate a big Crayfish. That’s a big money raiser when it runs! Obviously, there aren’t any pub raffles, so we’re not going to raise much money this year. It depends what happens over the summer months. We’ve held back some of our funds as we are anticipating that there might be a need from individuals who may need help.

Is that why The Lions distributed the support bags around the Anglesea community recently?

Yes, alongside Community Bank and Seaside Seconds, we wanted to support people who may be home alone and isolated. The pack consisted of disposable masks, hand sanitiser, reusable masks, puzzle books, some chocolates plus a $15 dollar meal voucher available to use at three Anglesea foot outlets.  It’s a pick-me-up for people and the money gets spent in the local community.

Finally, do you have a quick pitch for those reading this article and thinking about joining either the local Lions or Lioness Clubs?

It’s a good fun way to meet new people and also help out the community. Meetings are held twice a month, normally on 1st and 3rd Mondays. We have a business meeting to discuss our projects and a social meeting, where we have a catch-up, a few drinks and nibbles. There aren’t a lot of obligations as a member, as the workload is shared. If we’re putting on a function, we generally ask who can be there on the day? It’s a very rewarding way to spend your time and you’ll meet some new mates along the way.

Trevor, thanks for all your work with the Lions and Lionesses, to help our wonderful community! If you want to get involved you can find out more at