Simple Ways To Improve Your Home

We’re all spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

So it’s only natural that many of us have been turning our minds to how to make our homes a nicer place to be.

If you find yourself in this boat, here are some simple things that could make a big difference to the way you’re living. And, if you ever decide to sell, they could make a big difference to the value of your home too.

Declutter. Then do more

You may already be familiar with the idea of decluttering thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo. There’s probably never been a better time to embrace the KonMari method she espouses than now.

Decluttering has long been an essential part of the strategy most real estate agents will use to make a home more appealing for buyers. But it will also make it more appealing for you to live in.

A good place to start is to binge-watch Tidying Up on Netflix, read Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or download the audiobook. Then go through your belongings to decide which ones “spark joy” before recycling, binning or giving away the rest.

My view is that this really should be just your first step. If you start and end here, you’ll miss out on taking advantage of some simple and effective ways to make your home a more calming, pleasant and attractive place to be.

Finish that DIY list

If you’re like a lot of people I know, you probably have a long list of DIY jobs you’ve always intended to do. Chances are you may have even started a few but never got around to finishing them.

The hardware stores are open and happy to help with DIY advice. This is the perfect time to start ticking off those neglected tasks around the home.

If you get part-way through and can’t finish the job – or if you realise it’s a bigger project than you’d initially thought – you still have the opportunity to call in the professionals. Most tradespeople have been working through the shutdown, they are now used to observing the social distancing regulations.

First impressions matter

If your doors need re-staining or painting, now is the time to do it. Sprucing up the entrance and exit to your home can really lift the mood. Even if you have to redo the entire door jamb, it’s a job worth doing.

Cleaning the tracks of sliding doors and windows will help them open and close easily and make a noticeable difference. Even wiping down light switches and rubbing marks off the wall can change the feeling as you enter your home.

If you have decking leading up to the front door, sand and re-stain it to get it back to its best. Alternatively, a good pressure wash will give it a rustic look.

Pay attention to the nature strip out the front of your property. If you get this looking terrific it is the first thing you – or any prospective buyer – will notice when you pull up outside the home. Remember first impressions make a big difference.

Deep clean the kitchen

These days usually no room matters more in a home than the kitchen. It’s not just where we cook but where we come together and socialise.

This is the perfect time to properly clean your oven and the range hood. If that sounds like too big a task, there are people who’ll do a perfect job of it, using steam cleaning.

Thinking of selling?
Just researching the market?

Of course, cleaning and re-organising the pantry can make a real difference too. But don’t ignore the forgotten corners of your cupboards and under your kitchen sink.

If the corking at your kitchen sink is discoloured, replacing it can have a massive impact on the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Organise the laundry and the linen

We often tend to overlook the laundry when we clean or reorganise our home but it’s another area where a little bit of work goes a very long way.

Tidying and rearranging the laundry cupboards so that linen is neatly folded won’t just make your life easier, it saves time when you need things in a hurry.

Turn your bathroom into an oasis

Your bathroom should be one of the most pleasant rooms in your home – a place where you can refresh unwind, soak and forget about the world. But often bathrooms become the victim of clutter, grime, mould or dust.

Washing the exhaust fans in your bathroom can help remove dust replacing any mouldy silicone around the bath or shower. will instantly transform the space.

Introducing incense, fragrance, candles or plants can also elevate a bathroom, making it a sophisticated but peaceful environment.

Create a calming bedroom

Your bedroom should be another of your home’s sanctuaries – so long, that is, as the clutter and chaos of clothes and personal effects are hidden away.

Walk-in robes can make life easy but they’re also prone to becoming messy if you don’t actively stay in control of them. I find that colour blocking your clothes instantly makes a walk-in wardrobe look neater and tidier. Careful selection of quilt covers, pillows and cushions can also really lift the room. Try a pot plant or two, this can really change the tone of the room.

Enjoy your garden

Having a great looking garden doesn’t have to take all weekend unless, of course, you want it to. Using low maintenance succulents or simple flower pots at your front entrance can create a welcoming feel and make your home a more inviting place to be.

Don’t forget the garage

Finally, perhaps no part of the home is more prone to clutter than the garage. Depending on the size of yours, why not consider having a plastic tub for each family member, where they can keep all their belongings? Better still, make them stackable for easy access.

Consider hanging bikes, tools and other big items from hooks on the wall. A neat and tidy garage always appears larger and saves time when you are looking for something.

Want more?

These are just some of the ways you can make an immediate impact and transform your home. If you’d like to find out more, give me a call. I’m happy to help.