Design And Lifestyle Trends For 2021

The world’s been upended in the past year, and the impact on our lives and homes has been significant.

We’ve all been at home a lot more, and that’s leading to many of us scrutinising where we live, how we live, and what we might like to change. Renovations have soared, so have DIY projects, and the Surf Coast has been popular with families and couples taking a break and considering a seachange.

Like many areas in Australia, the Surf Coast is seeing lots of shifts in design and lifestyle choices. That’s not surprising: the area is a thriving creative hub that’s home to artisans, designers, ceramists, furniture makers and more – and if you can’t travel, it makes sense to spend your time trying to make your surroundings more beautiful, inspiring or functional.

Here are some of the trends we’re seeing around our beautiful area that we think will gather momentum in the coming year.

The rise of the home office

Say goodbye to your laptop on the dining table. If you’ve been working from home during the past year, you may be craving a dedicated home office space that makes it easy to create boundaries between work and home – and maximises your productivity and output. It also ensures you won’t have to clean up every night so the family can eat dinner! A bespoke desk or office nook created out of a disused space, cupboard, or similar can be brought to life with a lick of paint, shelving and custom joinery. Check out local furniture makers such as Bombora, which use recycled materials or those which are sustainably managed.

Growing a veggie garden

Great gardens have always been a part of life on the Surf Coast. But joining a community garden or spending the time to transform your own backyard into a flourishing veggie patch or herb garden is something that’s become a lot more important to many of us during the pandemic. And yes, you can have a garden that serves up home-grown fruit and veg, no matter the space you have to work with. If you’re not sure where to start (or how to grow the food you want to eat) hunt down a specialist gardener who can help with advice and a garden layout that’s suited to your space and our particular Surf Coast conditions.

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Multi-functional spaces

The pandemic, and the lockdowns, instantly forced entire families into 24-hour togetherness – and it’s having a major shift on how we want our homes to look and function. While many Surf Coast homes may be open plan style to take advantage of sea breezes and views, we’re also gravitating towards creating ‘hubs’ within the home, so family members can coexist more comfortably. That might be figuring out solutions for closing or opening off spaces or creating multi-functional spaces that enable different family members to study, work-out or get some much-needed me-time. Maximising small spaces more effectively is also on-trend right now. And we’re looking at how to make our homes easier to clean and less cluttered, with solutions like smart built-in storage.

Post-Covid colour schemes

Colour experts predict we’ll be drawn to warm, calming, comforting hues this year – but not without the odd pop of colour, to bring a touch of much-needed playfulness and positive energy to the home. For inspiration, check out Dulux’s colour forecast for the coming year; it’s split into three palettes – Retreat (stormy blues, whites and burgundy); Reset (uplifting blues and energetic reds) and Nourish (moss, sage green, turmeric, citrus). Just a few tweaks to your décor can dramatically change how your space feels (and how you feel in it) so also check out a few of the great homewares stores we have on the Surf Coast for inspo. We particularly love window shopping at Black Salt Co or Jarvis + Jarvis Home.

A desire for sanitised spaces

An emphasis on hygiene and safety may not sound awfully appealing when it comes to home design, but face masks, sanitisers and handwashing have become our new normal since Covid-19. And if you’re doing a renovation or home makeover, experts say some of the trends on the rise include antibacterial materials such as automatic washbasins or touch-free flushing toilets. We may also start considering things like, antimicrobial metals – copper, brass and bronze – and bacteriostatic surface coatings that are known to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

If you’d like to find out more about our area and what it has to offer, we’d love to chat to you.